Breathe cleaner air everywhere

Air pollution kills around 7 million people every year, according to the World Health Organization’s Global Platform on Air Quality and Health. Poor air quality can lead to various illnesses such as chronic respiratory disease, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and even death. Children under the age of 15 years are more likely to suffer the adverse effects of various airborne pollutants. If children are exposed to particulate pollution at a young age, then it can trigger respiratory illness and asthma. 

This shows it’s essential for us to realize the value of clean air. People should always avoid going to areas where the air is not clean or fresh, as it could cause various respiratory problems. Also, one should make sure that the air inside the room is free from dust particles, pollen, and mold. If you think that the air inside your room is not fit to breathe, then you should use an air purifier. Air purifiers are a great alternative to get clean air inside your room or house when you don’t have a centralized air filtering system. 

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