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Morgan Mechanical Inc. We are based in Redmond, WA and serve commercial customers throughout Western Washington since 2003. We design, build, install, repair, service and maintain a wide variety of heating, venting, cooling, and air conditioning systems. Core to our beliefs are comfort, efficiency, and sustainability. We have long tenured professionally union trained technicians.


Morgan Mechanical Inc. is led by very experienced, long tenured, management from the Service Department Manager, Sales Engineer, Project Manager and Foreman who all have over 30 years' experience in the Mechanical and HVAC industry. Our Union membership ensures our crews are fully trained, properly apprenticed, and get the continuing education necessary to provide you with quality service that reaches the highest industry standards. Core to our beliefs is comfort, efficiency, and sustainability.


  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • King County - Small Contractors & Suppliers (SCS)
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🔹238220 - Plumbing Heating & AC Contractors
🔹238210 - Control systems
🔹561210 - Facilities Support Services
🔹333415 - Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing.

SAM.Gov Credentials

🔹CAGE Code: 8DRT9
🔹DUNS: 070773898
🔹Point of Contact: Indresen Pillay
Email: indresen@hvacmorgan.com
Phone: (425) 582-0473 (0)

HVAC Service & RepairsHVAC/Mechanical SystemsHVAC / Mechanical Projects
🔹24/7 365 days service on Call🔹Heating, Ventilation & Airconditioning🔹Safety Culture approach to projects
🔹Preventative Maintenance🔹Heat Pump Systems, VRF, VRV, Inverters🔹Federal: HUD, SAM Solicitations, Dept of Defense
🔹Licensed Professional Service Techs🔹HVAC Controls, DDC Controls🔹Energy Retrofit projects. Clean Energy HVAC Retrofit.
🔹Diagnosis of Equipment and fault finding🔹Refrigeration systems (e.g., commercial, industrial, scientific) installation🔹Sustainability Projects to meet energy and mechanical codes
🔹Experienced and trained union service
techs can diagnose find a solution
expediently. Ongoing training on new
🔹Specialized Ventilation: Dedicated Outdoor
Air Systems (DOAS), Energy Recovery
Ventilation (ERV's)
🔹Public buildings: Clinics, schools, community
centers, library, colleges and universities.
🔹Trained and experienced across most
HVAC equipment manufacturers.
🔹RTU (RoofTop Units), Commercial Unitary Equipment 🔹Housing/Residential: Single-family, multi-family, Airconditioning additions
🔹Fully stocked and loaded vehicles with all the necessary tools, equipment, and
diagnostic kits
🔹Furnaces, Air Handlers, Exhaust system 🔹Federal: HUD, SAM Solicitations, Dept of Defense
🔹Expert systems and software🔹Duct work and Sheet metal

🔹Design Build HVAC & Mechanical projects
Past Projects and Customers

HVAC Service & Maintenance

🔹Customer: South County Fire District, Snohomish County
🔹Scope: 11 Fire and Rescue Stations plus HQ
🔹Since: 2016
🔹Services: Service, Preventative Maintenance and Small Projects

🔹Customer: Gibraltar Properties, WA
🔹Scope: Commercial Property Portfolio of buildings
🔹Since: 2012
🔹Services:Preventative Maintenance and Small Projects

🔹Customer: Port of Edmonds, WA,
🔹Scope: All buildings within the Port
🔹Since: 2022
🔹Services: Preventative Maintenance and Small Projects
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Past Projects and Customers

HVAC Projects

  • Customer/Owner: City of Fir Crest, WA
  • Scope: New Community Centre, complete HVAC Mechanical including VRF, Ductwork, Piping, Controls and TAB
  • Completed: 2021
  • Project HVAC Value: >$600K
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Past Projects and Customers

HVAC Projects

  • Customer/Owner: Port of Edmunds: New Admin Building
  • Scope: Complete HVAC Mechanical including Ductwork, Piping, Controls and TAB
  • Completed: 2022
  • Project HVAC Value: $650K
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Indresen Pillay

President & Owner

lndresen started his career in 1995 in major MEP projects. For over 25 years, he worked in executive roles for public and private companies in the construction and mining sectors around the world.

John Collum

Service Manager

John started his HVAC career in 1975 and began at Morgan in 2013. He mentors the service team and our office staff. Customer retention is his highest priority and is reflected in how we treat our customers and employees.

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