Morgan Mechanical Talks Smart Tech in HVAC

Why upgrade your thermostat to a smart device?

Internet-based thermostats give homeowners the option of monitoring and controlling their home’s temperature remotely. For example, with a smart device you can turn on the air condition if a heat wave hits while you are away from home and you want to keep your pets comfortable. Additionally, there are options of building a zoned-system, which usually requires a smart thermostat. Multiple temperature sensors can be placed around the home to control temperature more accurately. Once the smart system is in place, your home will remain cool or warm for less than the traditional cost. Because it only has to work to adjust problem areas, you won’t have the burden of cooling or warming your entire home.

You will save money in the long-run


  1. You spend fewer dollars on maintaining temperature each day. Your system only runs to keep your home comfortable while you are there.
  2. You spend less on repairs since you are not forcing your system to work as hard when you return home.
  3. You may be eligible for a $75 rebate on a qualifying smart thermostat

Morgan Mechanical Talks Smart Tech in HVAC

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Multiple locations

Typical HVAC systems monitor and regulate temperature from a single location and have only one speed – “ON”. They will cool or warm your home based on your thermostat’s setting. This method can become expensive as the system utilizes its full power to keep your home at a comfortable temperature based on the thermostat’s reading from a single location. However, a smart thermostat can regulate temperature from multiple rooms, giving you more control. You can have multiple sensors for more accurate temperature reporting, which allows the thermostat to adjust based on readings from locations throughout your home.

Your basic programmable thermostat allows the user to set times and dates of when you want to monitor the home’s temperature. A lot of energy is expended on keeping your home within the set range. By programming a thermostat to a higher temperature while you’re away, during the workday or even for long periods of time like on vacation, you can keep your home relatively cool for very little effort. Plus, the programmed time means you can tell your thermostat to cool down your home before you get back to further reduce the load on your system.