Ductless Mini Split System

In an older home or a space with really high ceilings, installing ductwork may be impossible or cost-prohibitive. In some cases it may be inefficient to run additional ductwork to tie in with an existing system or the whole system will have to be upgraded to accommodate an addition or a problem area in an existing space. (hot or cold zones) In these scenarios, a ductless mini split system is a great alternative.
While these systems have been widely available in Europe, Latin America and Asia for quite some time, they didn’t make an appearance in the US market until much later. These efficient systems can provide multiple zones of heating or cooling and each zone can be operated and optimized independently to address different needs in an existing space. This technology is continuously being improved- a true innovation!
At Morgan Mechanical, we install quite a few ductless mini splits in existing condos and houses as well as new construction. Oftentimes they are used to cool a single zone addition or in the instance of converting a garage or attic into livable space. With newer ductless technology, such as VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems, we can create comfort zones that homeowners and their families can control independently. VRF systems can even provide AC and heat simultaneously to various zones within the space.